Obsessed With Personality Tests (Podcast)

https://anchor.fm/doaf/episodes/Obsessed-With-Personality-Tests-e14cv7m Join me for a quick and light 5 minute podcast as I share my guilty pleasure of taking personality tests. What personality tests have you taken? Was it accurate? Have you turned to for example astrology charts or maybe know your Myers-Briggs type? How about which random object you are? What will this podcast … Continue reading Obsessed With Personality Tests (Podcast)

The Revolving Door of Workplace Burnout (Podcast)

https://anchor.fm/doaf/episodes/The-Revolving-Door-of-Workplace-Burnout-e14bgko https://anchor.fm/doaf/episodes/The-Revolving-Door-of-Workplace-Burnout-e14bgko Back at it with another episode! 🙂 This time, I'm taking on a topic I know very well and that is workplace burnout. If you're in the middle of burnout right now, recovering from it, or just about ready to reach the breaking point, you'll want to listen to this! Cheers! Veronica https://anchor.fm/doaf/episodes/The-Revolving-Door-of-Workplace-Burnout-e14bgko

Bipolar Disorder and the Polarized Political Climate (Podcast)

https://anchor.fm/doaf/episodes/Bipolar-Disorder-and-the-Polarized-Political-Climate-e149ddg Hey guys! So after making my podcast intro, I decided to get down to work and make an official episode. I'm taking a topic I posted here before but because it didn't line up with what I thought at first was going to my original niche of poetry, I took it down. No worries. … Continue reading Bipolar Disorder and the Polarized Political Climate (Podcast)