It’s Been Awhile

Disclaimer: I am not one to cram my faith and belief’s down anyone’s throat, but sometimes, I like to be open about my faith.

Yes. I believe in God. No. That doesn’t make me some ignorant, self righteous, hypocrite. You don’t need to be religious or believe in anything for that matter, to be any of those said things.

I’m struggling right now. Many of us are. One thing I haven’t done in awhile is just sit my ass down and pray. I need prayer. We all do in some way, shape, or form so I’m going to pray here… for myself… and too bad, this prayer is for you too, so just deal with it. ❤

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this day.

God or bad.

You know the way.

I pray for clarity and peace.

I pray for the meaningless noise that surrounds me.

To be silenced.

May you work on my heart.

As it is ridged.

Please help me.

To soften it.


There are so many right now.

Who are hurting and struggling.

Overwhelmed by the weight of this world.

Desperate and discouraged.

Clinging to life.


May you ease the pain.

And assure us that all is not lost.

That we do not put one foot in front of the other.

In vain.

That we need not be a slave to earthly things.

That your timing is perfect.

That you truly do not give us more than we can handle.


I struggle to have faith in you.

You know this.

You know my sins.

You know me.

Better than I know myself.

But I also know that I can bring anything to you.


And when I do.

I feel better.


Thank you for being my best friend.

My confidant.

My protector.

Thank you for showing me.

Over and over.

How good you are.

Despite my ways.

Despite the fact that.

Most of the time.

I do not deserve your blessings.


You still bless me.

You break me down.

And build me up stronger than before.

I try to run from you.

Oh how I’ve tried.

But you leave the ninety-nine.

To come and find me.

May you chase down those who have even the slightest bit of faith.

A stirring of things which cannot be seen.


I am grateful to you.

Believe it or not.

I love you.

May you help me to love myself.

May you watch over us always.


Thank you for the roof over my head.

The food on my table.

And the clothes on my back.

May you bless all of us with this warm foundation.

Comfort our souls.

So that we may better serve you and each other.

May we shine bright.

As a beacon of light.

For each other.

May we work for you.

And you through us.


As I close my prayer to you.

I feel the tears start to dry.

Thank you for letting me cry.

And in return.

I will go forward now.

And try.

Thank you Lord.


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