Truth & Grace

I’m a Capricorn sun.

I’m a Scorpio moon.

I’m a Virgo rising.

I’m the earth that holds the water baby.

But when the earth shakes.

Tsunamis wake.

Do you realize.

How many people would be destroyed.

If I flooded them.

With everything I was thinking?

I say a lot.

In so many ways.

Mostly fluff.

And yet.

There is still that much.

Inside of me.

That I don’t say.

Won’t express.


Words cut.


They can kill.

And so.

Don’t test me.

Don’t make me say it.

Why do you insist?

I try.

You see.

I try to go easy on you.

Because I know it’s not a fair fight.

I try to overlook.

Your hypocrisy.

Your arrogance.

Your downright delusional sense of self.

I smile and nod at your foolishness.

I feel bad for you.

How many others.


And pity you too?

Don’t judge.

Lest ye be judged.

That’s why so many are spared.

But when does it end?

Will I always have to take the high ground?

I can’t.

Not always.

Sometimes the earthquake is needed.

That tsunami.

But I know it would crush you.

It’s not my intention.

Not typical of me.

And so.

Don’t make it my intention.

You do not want my words with intention behind it.

Trust me.

No one does.

I know I wouldn’t want yours.

But maybe we all need to crush each other.

With truth.

And make up honestly.

With grace.

So that.

We can all start being human again.

That would be nice.

Wouldn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Truth & Grace

  1. This is exceptional Cavelle! There were so many amazing lines in this one, I’m really happy to see the poet in you. Your style is so damn different than what I’ve seen and it works so so well. This is an amazing piece, loved this so so much ❤❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, AB! 😊❤ I’m really glad you enjoyed this one. It’s been nice to get back into poetry. It’s very liberating and therapeutic! I also love reading it so I am looking forward to reading more from you! Have an awesome day, AB! 🌸

      Liked by 1 person

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