Silver waters

Smooth and glistening

Lapping over my body



Look to the sky

It’s not going to lend its hand to me

I’m not reaching out with mine

It’s just beautiful to watch

To admire the face that stares back at me

With gradients of grey

A Mona Lisa smile

Land is but a distant memory

It’s better to let go

I think…



Stay on the surface

It’s calm



For a little while…

But tempting is the darkness below

How far should I sink?

Is it worth it to find out?

Is there something beyond that darkness?

Should I just stay afloat?

It’s too difficult to swim

I’m not interested in that anymore

Where would I go?

Apathy is the vessel

Sending me in no particular direction

I think I should…

Give in to my body

Let nature decide what to do to me

Perhaps it will have mercy on me

Give the color back

The brush of meaning

I can’t recall when it was taken from me

Perhaps I handed it over willingly

There’s no frame to my life anymore

No canvas to paint upon

No lines to color within

I thought I would like it this way

I mistook it for freedom

I made lukewarm friends with Limbo

An agreement solidified with a limp handshake

The slight discomfort of knowing the relationship will not last

At some point

We will break up

Limbo will not be heartbroken

They understand a side must be taken at some point

That you will either choose to drown in the darkness

Or lift the veil

And realize

Color was there all along

Land was right there

Floating in shallow waters


The sudden shock of sunlight


You could have drowned

With nothing but your mind…

5 thoughts on “Limbo

  1. This speaks so so much. I loved the part where you say “A Mona Lisa smile” I can really relate to that, actually to a lot of things here. It’s strange how being in a peaceful environment makes us think our mind will reflect the feeling but it doesn’t, it just doesn’t. I’d love to read more from you and listen to your giggly podcast as well, haha. You have a lovely day Cavelle, take care ❤


    • Thanks so much AB! 🙂 Yes, sometimes the peace and quiet that we’re looking for gives our mind an opportunity to speak louder…and not always in a good way. I’m glad you can relate but also not glad that you can relate. Definitely glad you enjoyed the poem though 🙂 I am in a poem kind of mood lately so you will probably see more of them soon and I will work on my “gigglecast” lol that’s what I’m calling now…you know…this has actually given me an idea! I’m going to go work on it. Thank you for feedback and encouragement and may you have a lovely day as well! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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