Out of Place

I walk into the club

Man, it feels like heaven

You think I’m 25?


I’m 37

I shouldn’t be here

Neither should you

But you wanna mess your life up girl

I’ll drinks to that too

I’m dancin’ to the beat

Hide my bones ache

Take a glance over at you

With ease

Twerk n shake

Throwin’ down what mama gave ya

Have to pick you up

Have to put you in an Uber

Mine’s a pickup truck

You wake up go to work

Like it’s just fine

Takes me 3 days to recover

Cuz I sipped that wine

Headache’s ragin

Seein Solo cups

Need to get my shit together

Need to grow the hell up

Why I chase my 20’s?

Good question

Probably cuz I ruined mine

Therapy session

It’s not a good look

Yeah, I get that

But I hate that I am aging


Can’t get it back

Just a little longer

Got a young face

Use it till it’s wrinkled

Till I’m out of place

If you see me slippin’

I’ll get a nip tuck

And my sober driver Steve

He’ll still pick me up

I keep going to the club

Till the day I die

Till the young ones that I dance with

Spread their wings and fly

Finish school

Marry right

Parents to 3 kids

Adultin’ out of sight

Now I’m dancin’ with myself

It’s gettin’ lonely

The lights are turnin’ on

Here stands the one and only

It’s bright enough

I can see my face

And now I’m painfully aware

That I’m out of place.

2 thoughts on “Out of Place

  1. Wow, this was pretty awesome! Loved this, Cavelle! I really like the idea of going back in time and redo things a bit differently. You expressed the idea, the pain in a perfect way ❤

    Liked by 3 people

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