For The Love Of Lyme

So I’m sitting in outpatients right now because of a tick. Where I live, lyme disease is like the common cold. I’ve had it before and so I can no longer ignore the ever growing bullseye rash under my arm.

It’s usually the baby ticks that get you. They’re so small you would be lucky to know they are there. I’m prone to bug bites in general. For whatever reason, bugs such as blackflies, misquitos and horse flies especially, consider me their personal buffet.

When I get bit by said bugs I typically get welts instead of the standard bite and things get painful and very itchy. As much as I love summer, I find myself staying inside alot just to avoid the bugs and even with bug spray, they still manage to find a spot I’ve missed. Also, I don’t care to douse myself in that much poison all the time. I’ve tried so many things. Not to knock natural alternatives, but in my case…no dice.

With tick bites, I typically don’t notice that oddly enough. Without the bullseye rash or finding the tick myself, I wouldn’t think anything of it. Go figure.

Usually the tick rash is not painful or itchy and it spreads out gradually and then eventually fades…mine is fading and it’s been a couple of weeks…it’s doctor time.

I get bit by bugs so frequently that it seems pointless to go to the hospital for it and a tick bite does not always present as the classic bullseye. In my case, it’s clear at this point what it is. I tried going to outpatients twice this week and it was standing room only. I was starting to give up. Now that Covid restrictions have started to loosen up in my area, people are everywhere.

Here I sit today and outpatients is like a post apocalyptic zombie movie. It’s Saturday, it’s sunny and our town holds an event every year called Sea Fest which is happening right now so no one wants to be in this waiting room…Yay for me!

I wish I knew why bugs like me so much. I read something about lactic acid in the bloodstream. I’ve had this issue with bugs most of my life. Does anyone else have this problem with bugs?

Oh, and if you’re wondering if maybe you have lyme disease, the main indicator is the rash however you will most likely notice things like headaches…they can be migraine level. If you don’t typically get headaches but you suddenly find yourself having them all the time…don’t ignore it.

Fatigue is a big indicator as well.

Also dizziness and cold chills. Joint pain and swollen joints. Especially major joints like your knees. Nerve issues like numbness and tingling. General body aches, fever, trouble concentrating and feeling like your head is “foggy”.

The thing is, they are common symptoms that can be easily be dismissed as something else. For me, I had some of those symptoms but also had the rash. I noticed the symptoms before the rash. Something just felt really off and so if it feels like it’s coming out of nowhere and especially if you live in an area prone to ticks, definitely pay attention.

Well, I suppose I better sign off for now. Hopefully I’ll get seen and kicked out of here with enough time to enjoy what’s left of daylight.

Because there are so many symptoms that can indicate lyme disease, I have left a link below.

For more information on lyme disease you can visit:



2 thoughts on “For The Love Of Lyme

  1. That’s something I’ve never heard of, thanks for the information! I know a thing or two about migrane though, being a victim myself. You describe things so well, especially talking about yourself, which is really really good. I could never do that. You have a lovely day, stay away from bugs!! Get well real soon ❤️❤️

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    • So sorry to hear you suffer from migraines. 😦 I would not wish that on anyone. I appreciate as always, your kind words 🙂 ❤ Thank you for the good wishes! Lol stayed inside today so no bugs for me!

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