To All The Procrastinators

…I promise I’ll get to my point. No, really. I just need a few minutes to look at cute animal videos for a few hours first…

Ugh. This is the bane of my existence. I procrastinate and I have always been this way. I was that kid in school who would wait right until the last minute to do a project or study for a test and still manage to walk away with a 90+.

My husband on the other hand. He’s a get down to business, let’s get it out of the way yesterday kind of guy. I love him for it and in turn sort of hate myself for my flawed get-up and go system. It’s like I can’t get anything done unless the pressure is on and although that may come off as laziness, I can assure you that under pressure, I can accomplish a lot.

That being said, procrastinating is kind of like this vicious cycle of anxiety and I find myself spending more time dreading the fact that I know I need to get something done than just getting said thing done so that I can enjoy the rest of my day guilt-free.

I found myself going down a YouTube rabbit hole not long ago (because…procrastination) and I found a great TED talk in which this guy (Tim Urban) explains the cycle of procrastination and he did such a good job of it that I hope my fellow procrastinators will take a moment (Whenever you get to it. No pressure) to watch it. I related to it so much and it felt like someone finally understood.

If you have 14 minutes of your life to spare, I invite you to watch this. The guy presenting is also quite funny so that kept my “Ooo, something shiny!” brain engaged 🙂



2 thoughts on “To All The Procrastinators

  1. TED talks are really amazing, doesn’t matter if it changes you or not, haha. Loved how you started this. I can relate to this, won’t do anything until there’s a huge amount of pressure on me. But over the last couple of years I’ve changed this a bit and it feels good when you’ve already finished something long before the deadline. The video was really good, I loved the “monkey” and the “panic monster” 😆 they felt very much real. You’re doing a really good job, I love the way your words speak to the reader. Now you can resume watching some cute little animals, much love ❤


    • Lol! Thank you so much, AB !❤ Yes the monkey and the panic monster could not have done a better job of explaining things lol. I’m glad you have managed to start keeping them in line. I suppose I will get there….someday lol. Cheers! 🌸

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