What Would You Like To Hear?

Hey guys 🙂 So, the podcast thing? Still excited about it! lol I’ve created the intro and now, I have two full episodes under my belt. (insert squeal here) but let’s face it, at this point, I’m a nobody lol, a needle in a haystack, but, I think I have found a platform that really speaks to me. I’m plugging away at it and even better, I am truly enjoying it. Oh and on that note, if you have a podcast, let me know! I would love to go visit you there and take a listen 🙂 ❤

My wheelhouse and podcast revolves around mental health. There are so many ways you can go with that and so I am wondering, if there was a topic related to mental health that you would want to know more about and/or discuss, what would it be and if you’re up for it, why?

If you don’t feel comfortable saying it here, feel free to email me at diariesofafraud@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you. ❤

For those of you who have taken a listen to my podcast already, thank you so much for listening, contributing and for the kind words of encouragement. ❤ It really does mean a lot and I truly appreciate it because it’s very easy to want to throw in the towel at first lol you think your voice sounds weird, that you may be boring and that you may be destined to play pretend radio with yourself…which oddly enough, still like doing it anyway lol.

On that note, like I said, if you have a podcast and you’re looking to connect, let me know (maybe a collaboration in the future?) and if you would be so kind as to throw out some mental health related ideas/topics that you would be interested in listening to, I’d love to hear from you and customize a podcast based on your request. 🙂 ❤

Have an awesome day!


PS: If you want to throw me a bone, you can find my podcast by clicking on the link below:


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