Obsessed With Personality Tests (Podcast)


Join me for a quick and light 5 minute podcast as I share my guilty pleasure of taking personality tests. What personality tests have you taken? Was it accurate? Have you turned to for example astrology charts or maybe know your Myers-Briggs type? How about which random object you are?

What will this podcast say about you? 😉



4 thoughts on “Obsessed With Personality Tests (Podcast)

  1. This is really interesting! Okay, I’ve no idea about the Myers-Briggs test but I’ve turned to astrology charts at times and also ‘the spirit animal’ test, the second one’s kind of embarrassing, haha. I’m not much of a believer of astrology but I was curious about a few things that had me look it up. The spirit animal test, on the other hand, was something I found online and I looked it up out of excitement. I wouldn’t say the result was accurate, but the first one was quite believable. The results differed according to the different websites I used, so did the type of questions. But to be completely honest, the results don’t have much of an impact on me, except the few minutes of childish joy after the result is out, haha. I loved the podcast though, you’re doing great ❤❤

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