Writer’s Sickness

Feeling blessed

Feeling stressed

No time to wait

For all the rest

I take it slow

One day at a time

But I’m really tired

Of saying “I’m fine”

I’m trying my best…

Am I really?

I guess…

I’ll just start

With getting dressed

That will do it

Total success

I beat you all

I’m the best

I’m really far

From what I feel

But the lie I hear

Is way too real

I need to step out

Get out of my head

But it’s dark in here

The exit is dead

It will be ok

I always say

And most time’s

It’s true

But not today

So I’ll just sit here

Write away

And criticise

The things I say

The starving artist

Never full

Is self expression

A bunch of bull?

I remind myself

Eye of beholder

But this doubt I sit on

Size of a boulder

I know we all face it

I’m not alone

But writer’s block

Has turned to stone

Soon it will pass

Whatever this is

In the meantime

Let’s call it

Writer’s sickness

One thought on “Writer’s Sickness

  1. “But the lie I hear
    Is way too real”
    This got me. I know what depression feels like and how hard it gets to express yourself. I loved the way you wrote this, even the title. Loved it ❤❤


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