Health Question With A Side Of Universal Health Care

Kind of random but is anyone else familiar with this experience?

You get like these sulfur tasting burps (gross I know) and then a couple of hours later get really sick for several hours and then it’s over almost as if nothing happened?

I just had two episodes like this in past week, one of which was just last night.

It happens from time to time and it kind of comes out of nowhere. I believe it’s connected to eating too much sugar/junk. I had my gallbladder removed several years ago and I would still get what felt like gallbladder attacks despite not having a gallbladder. I have medication I take for that but it’s not the same as this sulfur burp/getting super sick thing.

I’ve looked up GERD…might be related to that? Food intolerance/allergy? I’ve tried to pinpoint what that food would be and no luck so far. I’ve been referred to an allergist but the waiting list is currently 18 months…yes…18. That referral was made in Oct of 2019. I know this because the episode I’m describing also took place at my wedding reception. If I was never going to forget my wedding day before…that episode made sure of it lol…

For those of you longing for universal health care…let me just say as a Canadian who is greatful for a lot, universal healthcare is not as beautiful as it seems…at least not in my neck of the woods.

Huge shortage of doctors where I live. Most people here don’t have a family doctor and if you do have one you waited a couple of years to get them…and it doesn’t even mean you’ll have them for long because they come and go like the wind

You spend hours in outpatients just trying to get simple shit done like getting a prescription refill or a doctor’s note for work .

You end up booking the day off of work because you have no idea how long you’ll be there. You lose money getting a doctor’s note to prove you were sick in which you also lost money depending on what kind of coverage you have for sick days.

You also get brushed off very quickly when you finally do get to see a doctor. They are so understaffed and overworked that unless you’re dying…it’s almost better to not even bother. Because of this, outpatients becomes a revolving door of people getting brushed off the first time only to come back in worse shape than before.

Anyway…I should be grateful we have healthcare at all and I am but to call it universal…depends on the province as far as whether or not you find it to be the bees knees. When I lived out west I did not have the same experience. It might have changed since I lived there but last I remember, it was easy to see a doctor. Plenty of clinics. Wait times not even close to what it is here. So on that note, universal healthcare is awesome…when it works.


Back to self diagnosing….

Gastroenteritis? Various things can cause that. Viruses, bacteria, parasites…oh man is this going to turn into like an Aliens vs Predators kind of thing?😶

Could be stress. I have been lately. Went on a medical leave from my job. Feeling guilty about it because I didn’t wait until I completely lost it this time. Decided to pick up on the signs early but because I have that whole issue with feeling like a fraud, being proactive to avoid a bigger mental mess makes me question my mental illness…I know…it’s weird.

On that note, I think I’m just going to go back to bed and chill out but if any of you can come up with a diagnosis I have not already googled, I’d love to hear it. I’m not sure anyone can out Google me but if you can I would be most grateful lol🙏



2 thoughts on “Health Question With A Side Of Universal Health Care

  1. I wish the medical system in Canada was better than in the US. We can get into the doctor, but we can’t afford the medicine they prescribe. Under our system, medical issues can bankrupt a person. That happens even if you have health insurance coverage. I hope you find an answer to your problem.

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    • Thanks Molly!<3 Yes, unfortunately it seems you can't win no matter how you slice it in regards to healthcare. 😦 I know that if I had to pay upfront for medications etc I would easily drown under the weight of that kind of debt. I still need insurance to cover my medications or it is an out of pocket expense however given the fact that we are taxed 15% on most everything where I live minus things like produce…it just feels like maybe with all the taxes we pay into the system…there would be a bit more to show for it you know? It's sad though across the map. You have people going bankrupt as you say just for needing to see a doctor, you have incredibly long wait times to get seen, especially if it is a specialist which in the meantime you hope and pray your health holds out till then…then there are places all over the world in which people are dying because they have no health care at all…I feel that health care should just be universal across the world…everyone should have access to it. You health shouldn't have to suffer just because it's not in the right tax bracket. I know I'm dreaming big dreams here but yeah, in a perfect world, none of us would have to suffer.

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