Five Years Ago (A Short Story)

I cannot remember the last time I tried writing a short story but I’ve always been a fan of them. I felt one hit me today and I have been wanting to switch things up. I’ve read a lot of awesome work created by this community and so I hope my short story lives up to even a fraction of the work that has inspired me. Cheers!

Five Years Ago

Cara looked out the kitchen window. Rain was pouring but in a soft sort of way. She made sure the window was opened a crack so she could hear it. The rumbles of thunder the weather forecast called for earlier proved to be correct.

For some reason, this kind of weather always prompted Cara to make a cup of tea. Orange pekoe of course. Two splashes of milk. Cara had practiced this ritual enough times to know how the color of her tea should look. From there she added her teaspoon of sugar.

She sat at the island and flipped through an interior design magazine while sipping her perfectly made tea. The magazine was five years old. It was more of a decorative piece for the sake of company.

It had been a while since Cara had company.

Although listening to the rain and sipping tea was comforting, hanging on to the magazine was not. Not anymore.

Still, Cara could not trash it.

Cara looked around and compared her house to the pictures in the magazine. Spacious, open floorplan with little cozy nooks throughout that made you feel like you were in your own little individual worlds despite the openness. Her design choices stood the test of time. Lots of white with splashes of colorful art and decorative pieces that she could switch up when the mood struck her.

The mood had not struck her in five years.

The house was quiet. Empty.

Her friends and family suggested getting a pet.

She decided to take a stroll through the house like she normally would around this time of day. It was almost that time.

10:32 AM.

She gazed at all the pictures of him. Touched each one of them…

The sudden buzzing of her cell phone on the island startled her. Only for a moment though. She was used to this now. She simply didn’t answer anymore. People knew now to just leave a message. They also knew she would not respond to them, but they tried anyway.

After the buzzing of the call passed, the alarm she had set, went off.

The flashback of her falling to her knees and screaming in the kitchen became too real.

Cara played out the flashback at 10:32 AM just like she promised him.

She fell to her knees and screamed.

After she was done, she picked herself up and walked up what felt like miles of stairs to go have a shower. This was it. This was the day it happened and she couldn’t deal with dress rehearsal anymore. It was showtime now.

After Cara had her shower and prepared for her big show, she felt a sense of peace. In Cara’s mind, there was no better way to honor him.

Cara walked out to her car and got in. As she backed out of the driveway, she felt the stagefright kicking in already. She brushed it off an assured herself that she was going to be great. The crowd was going to love her.

Cara picked up speed. She knew exactly where she was going and she was running late.

As soon as she spotted the cross by the tree on his highway, she slammed her foot down on the gas peddle as hard as she could.

She was going to do it this time. For him.

As the car got closer and closer to the tree, she slammed on the breaks.

Cara sat there for a moment. Heart pounding. Adrenaline rushing through her with no place to go.

She opened the car door, got out and fell to her knees in front of the cross, and screamed.

A scared and concerned crowd started to form around her.

She could hear the wailing of a siren getting closer.

It was intense.

The crowd did not applaud as she had hoped

After all the preparation and rehearsing for her big debut.

The show was over…

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