Time To Cry

It’s been a long time

Since I’ve cried

But now the tears

Well in my eyes

Wipe them away

I start to break

Don’t let them fall

Made a mistake

I let you all

Into my heart

Pushed you all down

Don’t want to start

Facing what’s true

The past is black

And shades of blue

Can’t take it back


Just let me be

Let me be blind

Don’t want to see


Of letting go

What good am I?

I want to know

Who am I?

Without the dark

The flood gates open

Breaks my heart

Crashing waves

Wash over me

It’s only natural

Swept out to sea

Out in the open

Here I lie

Not ready yet

Don’t want to die

You wash me back

Onto the shore

My body aches

All over


I crawl and cling

to the wet sand

Nobody there

To take my hand

But I will fight

Till I cannot

I’ll find my path

Before I rot

I see it all

Just up ahead

No looking back

The past…

Is dead

3 thoughts on “Time To Cry

  1. I can feel the pain in the lines, I know what it’s like. It’s good that you’re writing about it, it helps. Keep writing, more power to you ❤


  2. Thank you ❤ I can say that the last several years of my life are certainly better than my life used to be but the past likes to creeps up on me now and then and I find myself reliving it so I write about it and process it mainly through poetry. Very thankful for writing. I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂


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