I’m In Love…

In love with this song! ❤ I’ve been trying to pick up French. My mother’s side of the family is French, however, I was not raised in French. That has always sort of bugged me. It’s part of my heritage and so I want to learn. I do know some basic French but not enough to have a conversation. I’m better at reading it which is why I am finding it easier to read the lyrics in French and then just keep repeating the song until I have tweaked pronounciation.

Anyway, I was looking up some French songs today to help me out. I love to sing and so I figured starting with French songs would make learning the language more enjoyable.

Although this song is definitely too fast for me to sing along with (at the moment) I still found myself completely swept up in it. Apologies for my ignorance but as it turns out this song is a French classic. I can see why. If you had no interest in French before, you will after this song. I also feel the need to pick up ballroom dancing while I’m at it. This song gives me a Waltz vibe. Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not entirely sure.

I hope you enjoy La Boheme as much I do 🙂

Prends soin de toi,


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