Fake Woke

Fake woke

Close my eyes

Quiet for a moment

Let me fantasize

About all the good

I do for you

Represent all causes

Keep a day job too

If it weren’t for me

The blind wouldn’t see

Pretty obvious

I’m the authority

On anything trending

That triggers those nerves

Hypocrisy loves

A dish best served

Piping hot

Burn that tounge

I’ve got life figured out

No discussion

We’re done

Own your truth

But there can be only one

If yours doesn’t line up


We’re done

Preaching on my socials

For all to see

How woke I am

You don’t agree?

Unfollow me

We could be best friends

But I’ll call you trash

Openly shame you

You deserve the bash

I know how it looks

That it doesn’t seem fair

But I have to knock you down

Out of love


That’s how much I care

Hope one day you get it

Or we’re up in smoke

All that matters to me

Is my fake woke

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