Storm Chaser

Clouds brewing in the sky

Various shades of grey swirl together

Intertwined like an orgy

This is going to get good

A storm in the making

Flashes of lightening

Let it grow

Let the angry voice spill over into claps of thunder

Hear the cry of my soul in the wind


Here comes the rain

Nothing gentle about it

But I love it

Suppressed is my love

So much keeping me down

Tornado in the making

So big

No category can tame it

Need to feel something

Need to unleash

No holding back

Why do I always hold back?

It’s dirty


It’s not shameful

It’s beautiful!

Embrace the storm!

You have to

You have to get swept up in this

It’s natural

Primal urge and it’s ok!

You’re allowed to enjoy it!

The storm that can’t be tamed

Chase it you fool!

Stop depriving yourself and embrace your storm

Love it

That’s an order

Submit to it

Be in bondage no more

Love the storm

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