Over It

I can tell

When you’re lying to me

I’ve got that sixth sense

No sense hiding

You see

You try to serve me

That poker face

But come on

Let’s face it

I eat the truth

Dictate the pace

So go ahead

Keep sticking to that story

It only hurts you

I sleep at night

Morning glory

I watch as you cave

Can’t handle the pressure?

Gotta rewrite that story

Did you forget?

Need a refresher?

When ya gonna stop

Playing this game?

Grow the hell up

Switch it up

You’re still the same

I was done with you

Ages ago

Now you try the same shit

On a different ho

She eats your breadcrumbs

Follows your trail

Buys what you’re selling

Like it’s a clearance sale

I wish I felt bad

But I’m past all that

If she can’t see through you

Not my problem

That’s a fact

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