Clock ticking down

Coming to an end

Don’t believe that shit

Looking for a friend

Trying to connect

Totally detached

Catch ya outside

How about that?

You’re trying hard

To figure me out

Wish you luck with that

Cos I have doubts

I’ve tried digging deep

Deeper than you

Don’t like what you see?

That makes two

Why you stick around?

Can’t you see?

I’m not the one for you

Need years of therapy

Trying to avoid

Never get in touch

I say the words

But they don’t mean much

You keep coming back

Won’t give up

Can’t save me from myself

An empty cup

That only I can fill

Thanks for your attempt

To give me love

An angel heaven sent

So I’ll try

To stand by you

And I’ll try

Like you want me to

Cos I know what I have

Can’t let go

You’re my best friend

The one and only

Just so you know….

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