Saltines and Sprite

Saltines and Sprite

Making it right

Cure all grandma gave me

Make sure it’s flat

No bubbles, right

Curl up on the couch

With my quilt and chicken broth

Daytime TV comfort

Hard-core watching soap that’s soft

Saltines and Sprite

We’ll be alright

Don’t worry about the paycheck

It’s not the rent one

Just one night

No one’s going to care

If you’re gone for just one day

But if anybody asks

I know just what to say

Saltines and Sprite

Had a rough night

Don’t know where it came from

Must be that bug

Am I right?

Should be back tomorrow


We’ll see how it goes

It’s anybody’s guess how long this lasts

No one knows

Saltines and Sprite

Not quite alright

Think I’ll need another day

Just one more night

Stomach is still twisted

Here comes the guilt

From lying to your face

We both know it

Where’s my quilt?

Saltines and Sprite

I was never all right

The workload that I’m given

The deadline’s too tight

The toxic work environment

That you provide

Crushed my soul to smithereens

To put it plainly

It died

Saltines and Sprite

This won’t be one night

This is months and months of stress built up

Just chose flight over fight

Got my doctor’s note

In case you try to attack

Try to pierce this armor

Man, you’re gonna get smacked

Saltines and Sprite

Out of a job

Couldn’t handle going back

Praying to God

Hope he’s up for answering

Because I can’t go back

The white knight that was once my job

Has faded




2 thoughts on “Saltines and Sprite

  1. I really love this. The repetition of saltines and sprite flows so naturally which is something I don’t tend to see much. The burnout message really shines through and resonates

    Liked by 1 person

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