Moving On

The past


Think I would forget by now

You’ve moved on


You never think of me at night?

I wonder if we both lie there

Thoughts straying for a moment

From our current lives

Thinking about the pain we caused each other

The passion

The betrayal

The chaos of it all

Blame it on being young

First real love

A beautiful tradgey

Changed me forever

I called it, you know

The next one you would marry

Have kids with

You of course would move on much faster than me

I would spiral out of control for years

In the end

The bitter realization

I can only blame myself

Despite everything


You played your part

But still

It doesn’t work anymore

The blame game

The inner child can’t scream forever

Time out

Thinking about what I did

What was

Is no more

No need to carry it with me

Setting it down

The weight of you

I leave behind

I wish you well

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