Embrace The Elements

I see the haze over dewy hills

The sun barely saying hello

The massive field

So open

So exposed

The wildflowers pop out to remind me

The color of life still exists

The sun is rising

A rainbow after a thunderstorm

I watch in awe and wonder

A flash of light in the darkness

Both beautiful

Both explain my mind

I need the break in humidity

I need to feel the rain

So it can blend with my tears

And feel good again

I need the voices in the wind to stop

The gusts of unrelenting truth

Knocking down beautiful trees I planted

Trees of lies and denial

Tearing up the rotting roots that lie beneath them

Is the destruction and rebirth

Of the earth I walk on

So necessary?

I walk away to the ocean

My true love

I find myself standing at low tide

The massive void of where water should be

My fear of open spaces

So exposed

But it’s so beautiful

I embrace it for the sake of the sunset

Knowing the tide will come back

That the sun will rise again

Providing soft light

Behind the haze of dewy hills

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